Real Estate & Service has been committed to serving the International Community in Kiev for more than five years. In 1992, president and founder, Andre Petrovitsky, recognized the community's need for safe, comfortable and convenient housing in Kiev.As a result, he established Real Estate & Service with the goal of locating the perfect "home away from home" for foreigners.

Real Estate & Service is Kiev's largest real estate agency with a history of satisfied customers from the diplomatic and business communities.Our experienced team of professionals strive to provide clients with a variety of choices suited to their needs and desires for housing and office space.

Real Estate & Service will help you to select an apartment or office that Is perfect for you. Our extensive database can provide you with a variety of options for location, size and quality that is within your financial parameters.

When you have found a property that Interests you, Real Estate & Service will assist you in negotiating the lowest possible price, as well as providing an unbreakable rent contract.

For the day details of life in Kiev, we also offer management services which include:

  • Assisting with registration.
  • Facilitating payment of rent and bills.
  • Mediation of disputes between the tenant and landlord.
  • Providing Information concerning repair persons and procedures.
  • Emergency intervention if necessary.
  • The repair or installation of mechanical Items, plumbing, electrical.
  • Refurbishing or arranging for the reconstruction of part or all of the property.
  • Providing a data base of available properties.

                                                   Guest Book


       The most beautiful city Iíve ever seen... And I must admit that I have never seen so many green trees. You still donít know what I am talking about? Itís very simple, I am talking about Kiev. I was told that I had to work in our embassy in Ukraine. Wow, it was a real pleasure to live in Kiev. I didnít even expect it would be so marvellous. Some of my collegues gave me address of the web site of the Real Estate & Service Company ( where I could choose an apartment. There was a great number of different properties. So, I used a search system on the web site and made my choice. It was Institutskaya street. A huge 3 room flat in the city center. And the price was suitable for me. I didnít want to miss my chance and reserved it through the e-mail (). When I arrived to Kiev, I liked my new apartment at once. It was really great and, what is the most important, not far from the embassy.

Thanks the staff of the Real Estate & Service Company. Iím really grateful.



         Have you ever been abroad for a long time? With your whole family? I had a great experience.

My company (Price Water House Coopers) sent me to Eastern Europe, Ukraine. It was absolutely strange country for me. I even didnít know where it was located. Someone told me that it was very cold there, but I had no choice. So it was the beginning of a great travelling. One of the main problems was that  I travelled with my children and wife. Thatís why I had to find a good school for them. So when we arrived to Ukraine, we decided to stay in the hotel for one month. However, it wasnít comfortable for 5 people to live there, you know. And we thought that the house would be the most suitable place for us to live, and it also should be not far from school. One of my business partners tried to help me to find an apartment. We saw more than 30 properties, but I wasnít satisfied. I was almost in despair. Once in the Internet search system I found  a web site of the Real Estate & Service Company( ). I thought it was my last opportunity. I immediately sent them an e-mail ( ) concerning renting of the house I was looking for. And I received an answer very soon. It was 3 storied house on Tsymbalov Yar street. Fully furnished and equipped kitchen, five bedrooms, sauna, billiard room and a large swimming-pool (13 sq.m.) .Wow, it looks like a paradise! I didnít have to say anything. My children made the decision instead of me. The employee of the Real Estate & Service Company also helped me to find a nice school for my children - the Kiev Pechersk school. We have already been staying here for more than 2 years and we donít even think about coming back to Sydney.

Mcbrigth Family


      What shall I start with? Well, being on a visit to Kiev... Actually, I should say it is my first visit to Ukraineís capital. Nice, very nice... Though absolutely different from my home country... Nevertheless... I arrived to Kiev on business, for opening the representative office of our company in Kiev. New country, new places... Well, you know... First of all, I had to find an apartment as I had no place to live in. I decided to rent daily apartment as I wasnít going to stay in Kiev for more than 2 weeks. Oh, thanks God there is an Internet nowadays! I  found several  companies which provide apartment rental services. The very first person who responded was Julia, the representative and, as I found out a bit later, one of the interpreters in Real Estate & Service Company. She answered my question concerning renting of apartments through the e-mail (). On the companyís web site ( there was a wide range of apartments and houses for me to choose. Thanks to convenient search system they quickly found what I was looking for (apartment of nice price and the most suitable location). I was told that on the date of my arrival the Real Estate & Service Company employee should met me in the airport and deliver to the apartment Iíve chosen. Actually, you know, I was not tricked. On the stated date I noticed the nameboard among the crowd in the airport and saw the smiling face of companyís agent Helen. Oh, my apartment... Luckily, it was absolutely the same as that one in the photos. Though being located in Pushkinskaya street (the very center of Kiev), it was not noisy at all. Nice and calm place... Great view out of the window... Yeah, I liked it very much. Though... Several problems appeared to me. Well, I think those who visited Kiev know what I am talking about. You know, switching off the electricity or problems with hot water delivery... Thanks to Real Estate & Service employees I was not troubled much about it. They helped me to solve these problems very quickly.

Great job, nice staff, perfect service... I would like to thank Real Estate & Service for making my stay in Kiev really comfortable.



      Holidays... How do we wait for them after having a dreadful year of work! I was dreaming about it for a long time, so when I got a chance to go on a holiday I managed to use it at once.

I should tell you that Iíve visited a lot of places in different parts of Western Europe, so I wanted to visit something new. Thatís why this time I travelled to Yalta, Ukraine, and the Black Sea. I decided to go from Warsaw to Kiev by train and then to take a car for rent there. You know, itís very important to have a convenient one when you go on a long distance trip. Through the Internet I found a lot of web sites with great amount of cars. How old the car is - it is the most important thing for me while choosing a car. So as you can guess, I was looking exactly for that kind. And you know, Iíve found it very quickly. Absoltely new Chevrolet ĎLacettií on the web site was the most suitable for me. And you wonít believe it! The price was  so low that  I hurried up to reserve it through the e-mail(). And thanks God, this car was free for a rent on the date I needed. After arriving to Kiev, I was met by the employee of the Car Rental & Service company. Indeed, it was really new car, the same as that one in the photos on the web site. Great trip, marvelous country... Thank the Car Rental & Service. They made my holiday really wonderful and much easier. The moto of the company is ĎWe do not try. We just do it betterí... And believe me, that is really true. Thanks for the excellent car.



        Family is the most important in our life and a person must do the best for comfortable life of  his closest relatives.. So when my brother told me that he would arrive from Nijniy Novogorod to Simpheropol i was glad to see him and his family. He asked me one thing to do. You know, i was ready to do anything he asked because i didnít see him for a long time.So he asked me to rent a car for him. I have never do this because i have my own  and it was some new experience in my life.So i started to search different agencies in the Internet. Suddenly i ran into .There was a wide range of cars and the prices were lowest They provide service not only in Kiev (where their office located .) but also in Crimea and other regions.

I sent them a message ( ) and i didnít have to wait for their answer for a long , because it was immediate. The most suitable was Chevrolet Lacetti Wagon , so i reserved it.When my brother arrived and gave all the documents for a lease .He recived a new car.And used it for 3 weeks , he was so excited that he even wanted to buy it.

My brother would  like to thank Car rental & Service for the great car and excellent service.

Sergey Popov


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